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Tim Dolbear - Mixing & Recording Engineer “Your Sound Brought to Life”
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Drummer Roger Glenn UT grad, Roger has performed in front of thousands while traveling through out N. America, and appeared on numerous releases of all styles of music, from Rock . to Jazz, to orchestral.  Roger is our goto guy for drums at Eclectica, his performance are tight and true to the clients’ vision.
Percussionist Nick Tozzo Nick has been performing professionally though tout N. Amercia over 10 years.  From Country to Rock to Salsa, Nick has performed with a variety of different ensembles all throughout the state. In 2011, he moved to Bogota, Colombia to study traditional Colombian music styles. Upon returning to the states, he attended graduate school at Texas State University, where he received his M.M. of Latin Music Studies.   Nick frequently teaches private lessons on Latin percussion and drumset, and he has been involved with local non-profit steel drum group Inside Out. He regularly performs with local Austin bands Superfonicos, Luke and The Lonely, Wache, Tiburon, and many others.
Guitarist/Bassist/instrumentalist Tim Dolbear Tim Dolbear has performed on more than 500+ tracks in the last 20 years. Specializing in solid tight rhythms and intense lead rock guitar, his influences range; Queen, TNT, The Beatles, rock music of the late 70’s, old School Funk and R&B... Well verse after a life-time of guitar playing, Tim’s acoustic guitar work is highly sought after for it’s excellent rhythms and chord voicings.  Professional credits included Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass, Piano/Rhodes and B3, Lapsteel, Round neck Dobro, Mandolin, and Dulcimer. More about Tim can be found HERE
Team members are Eclectica Studios - Engineers and Studio Musicians
Head Engineer Tim Dolbear 20 years working fulltime is the recording studio. Lifetime musician with a passion for the art of music. More about him, well everywhere on this site...
We also have a vast collection of great players of all sorts of instruments and styles available for your project. Violin, Viola, Cello, Sax, Trumpet, Keys, Piano, Sitar... Basically anything you need.
“Your Sound Brought to Life” Tim Dolbear - Producer/Audio Engineer  
 Professional Production Recording Our tracking rate is $60/hour for studio time including engineer Tim Dolbear. Our amazing sounding live room and selection of mics, outboard gear, and amps are all included. Sessions of every style; full band, solo artist, VO session, drum tracking...we do it all.  Week day tracking sessions are a 2 hour minimum, Saturday;4hour minimum. For mixing and mastering rates, Check out our mixing and mastering  pages. Recording session questions? see our FAQ
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Samples of our work

(Click HERE for Page with all samples:Production/mixing/mastering)


Produced, mixed and mastered by T. Dolbear Song - Love Again - Kayy - Kpop (eng, mixed, mastered) Song - Storms by Angela Dolbear - Rock Song - How Do You Like Me Know  by  Amanda Waggener Song - She’s Gonna Leave  by Pretty Visitor - Rock Song - She Took A Trip Today  by Anita Brown - Swing/Rockabilly Song - Don't Make Me Wait Too Long  by Anita Brown - R&B Song - This High  by Jansen Hawkins - Pop/rock Song - I Want The World by Zach West - Heavy Song - Jealousy by Meliesa - Pop/Rock  

Adult contemporary / AAA / Christian/ Acoustic 

Produced, mixed and mastered by T. Dolbear   Song - Ships Underground by  Micah Wagner, Lapsteel by Tim Dolbear Song - Shine  by Laura Babineau Song - Holy is Your Name  by Ashley Lohman Song - Stupid by child of the Son Song - Fig Tree by child of the Son


Produced, mixed and mastered by T. Dolbear   Song - Ain’t Had Nothin’ by O-$tacz Song - Somethin' in the Air by Muggsy Flowz Song - Bacardi by JRoss Song - Do It Big  by Big Time  

Latin & World Music

Produced, mixed and mastered by T. Dolbear   Song - Endless Night by Juan Gregg, Guitar by T Dolbear Song - El Rey  by Marcos Castro   Song - Delila  by Fernando G Song - Ahir Bhairav Vilam  by Indrajit Banerjee with Pandit Anindo Chatterjee

Songs from Left field

"The Bardos Bunch" (Our remake of The Brady Bunch theme, Everything was re-created at Eclectica studios) Theme to the TV show "Cookin' Good" Featuring Adrian and the Sickness, Jason McMaster, Angela Dolbear Cooking Good Theme song   Other samples of interest... Tim Dolbear - Multi-instrumentalist The Guitar Solo Montages, all solos performed by Tim Dolbear. Various solos of various styles, from sessions over the passed years. Run time 3 minutes, listen to the whole thing, or you'll miss it! Guitar Solos
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